Land of the Dripping Sun: Universe.

Universe-Level (Relevant Areas):

“Dripping, dropping, it always falls in time.
And when it’s done, and the Sun goes out,
It’s time for us to sleep,
And the nasty things to play.”

A children’s rhyme, recorded by a wandering Imp in the year 25 DS.
Source: Allison Chin
  • Earth:
    • The main planet.
    • Significant fantastical and ancient magitech elements.
    • Underwent the events of the Dripping Sun, which over the course of twenty-four hours fundamentally destabilized and destroyed the vast majority of the infrastructure.
    • Half of the Earth faces the Sun, and receives exactly 12 hours of sunlight per day.
    • The other half of the Earth is under perpetual darkness.
  • Heaven:
    • Having arrived prior to Hell, Heaven was the name granted to a moon that showed up approximately 177 DS.
    • The name was chosen from mythology, due to the angelic presentations depicted by the denizens of this moon.
  • Hell:
    • The most recent addition to Earth, the name Hell was granted to a recently surfaced (266 DS) moon that now rotates around the Earth.
    • The name was chosen due to the prevalence of dastardly and devilish creatures that cavort on the surface of this moon.
  • Sun:
    • Locked in place relative to Earth’s orientation, the Sun is a fundamentally different beast from what it was prior.
    • As of the year 0 DS, the Sun hangs in the center of the sky for the entirety of the day.
    • Time is tracked by each drop of the Sun, which falls every hour. Following twelve drops, the Sun completely empties, and night falls on the sun-facing portion of the Earth. For twelve hours, twelve blacker-than-black droplets drop from the Sun, seemingly refilling the Sun, until sunlight has arrived yet again.

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