Drinking Deep: #1

Objects have an origin. Be wary of those that travel the world and lack one.

Ptolemic Musings, volume XIV.

Nerdhogg and I have taken inspiration from those before us, and decided to ping and pong to occupy the time we have acquired. These will be primarily based on the deep waters and underground, as we pass each other images to make a blogpost about each week. Here’s Nerdhoggs, I highly recommend ya’ll check it out.

What one person might consider a dull ring, another considers a promise of a lifetime. An object has an associated context that is buried with it from the moment it is first seen, or even created. The sculptor who crafted the first of these statues never knew what their creation would become.

A vessel of personality.

Purported to once have been carried to the burial of Emperor Visivi’s son, the High Prince of Lethargy and Eventual Decay, a collection of one hundred statues were crafted of marble by an unnamed sculptor. Transported via ship, these statues went missing off the coast of Saint Barbica’s Fist, and were thought to be lost. One hundred guardsmen were offered as a sacrifice instead.

Deep in the waters, left time to rust and rot, these statues were found in the languid depths of the territories of Blood and Bone. A mermaid culture ruled by might and fist, they took these statues to be representations of the land dwellers, and offered the heads to their gods for consumption as worthy sacrifices.

Inside these murky seas, the heads were conferred power based on beliefs. Hollowed out, these vessels first emerged in stories of pirates who fled against the rulers of the sea. Rumors spoke of the mermaids lining the pirates up, and decapitating them in the visage of the heads. Quickly quelled by similar rumors that spoke of illness and disease taking their final toll on the leftover pirates, the original rumors fell to the depths of the sea.

Mechanically, these heads serve as a collection of personalities. If placed on the head of a humanoid, and decapitated in a swift motion, the personality of the humanoid is stored in the statue, as foam ebbs from the wound. If someone wears the head, they may disguise themselves as one of the humanoids killed.

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