Moth Gang Nicknames:

Taken from a collection of moth names found here. Death Head's Moth. Table of nicknames (30): 1. Blood-vein 2. The Brick 3. Buff-Tip 4. The Clay 5. Dark Dagger 6. The Engrailed 7. The Flame 8. Figure-of-Eighty 9. The Gothic 10. Grey Dagger 11. Heart-and-club 12. Heart-and-dart 13. Hebrew Character 14. The Miller 15. The … Continue reading Moth Gang Nicknames:

Saint Panacea

Notes: Done as a character prompt entry. The Rules: The child of a wealthy noble, a rival bandit, maybe the witness to a big heist or a powerful wizard gagged that refused to reveal the secrets to her tower. No matter, at least someone to have a conversation with and to further make the bandit encounter in … Continue reading Saint Panacea